There are several reasons why adults may not be able to or know how to do various “basic” things, like clean or prepare meals.

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Writer Beware



Writer Beware makes posts on which publishing houses to avoid at all costs, which words to look for and which words to watch out for in contracts, and several other things that will keep you in control and knowledgeable about the publishing process.  I’d suggest reading through the website if you want to avoid getting ripped off, cheated, or scammed.

I’m just going to reblog this every so often because it’s a site that every writer needs to see.


warmup sketch


why is this so hard

"Your trifix is 6w5, 9w1, 3w2." oh cool! my main type used to be a 2w4, I wonder what changed? :o



i dont have access to a computer right now but it is important you read this post about monetizeyourcat and the horrible shit she has done

warning for abuse, sexual assault, csa, and fucking terrifying manipulation

there’s also a couple other posts going around by others sharing their experiences if you look for them but this specifically addresses a post monetizeyourcat made in response to the callouts


have you ever had to restart a song because you spaced out and weren’t appreciating it enough


Gold Embroidered Ball Gown, ca. 1820

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On Taxxons


So, one of my personal pet peeves with the Animorphs series is that WE NEVER FOUND OUT MORE ABOUT THE TAXXONS. At one point there were rumors of a possible Taxxon Chronicles (presumably focusing on Arbon) but it obviously didn’t happen.

So, I have a bunch of hypotheses and meta!things floating in my head about the Taxxons, but it’s kind of involved and complicated. That is this post. The read more is to save everyone’s dashes, ‘cause this’ll get long, folks.

Please note that this includes environmental, ecological, and genetic hypotheses on the Taxxons and their homeworld based on what science is known by an enthusiastically scientific individual with a BS in Biochemistry and yet really doesn’t want to look up sources right now so if something sounds factual and you think it’s interesting GO LOOK IT UP IT’S PROBABLY COOLER THAN WHAT I’M SAYING. Additionally, note that this is all Hannah’s fault, as she keeps wondering about Taxxons when we chat.

Please, also, remember: No one ever would want to be a Taxxon. These are not happy theories, and in fact they scare me a bit.

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package from american apparel ☺


Intrigued by Bangladeshi Architect Rafiq Azam’s contribution to architecture.